The Importance of Probiotics in Producing Superior Plants

Creating healthy soils that produce superior vegetative growth involves much more than simply using synthetic fertilizers as a matter of routine. In fact, these products can eventually wear the soil down to the extent that it's no longer viable. Anyone who grows anything from agricultural crops to house plants will... Read More
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Microbes and your Compost: growing soil, not crops

When it comes to sustainable agricultural practices, soil is the lifeblood of a plant's success.  Without nutrient-rich soil, plants tend to be less productive, have shorter life spans, and potentially produce less flavorful produce.  One of the easiest ways to improve soil quality is through a high-quality compost. There are... Read More
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Salad Leaves

Why Healthy Soil Bacteria Is Crucial For Salad Greens and Lettuce

When it comes to starting up a green house growing business or a CSA, nothing is quite as attractive as fresh heads of lettuce. Growing salad greens and baby spinach appeals to the shoppers and families on the roster that are hungry for fresh leaves. These plants use up quite... Read More
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How Tilling Disturbs Soil Microbes

Since the soil is teeming with life too small to see, it is easy to do a lot of damage to its structure and composition without realizing anything has happened.  Mechanical tilling has been the field preparation process for small and large scale farmers alike for decades, but pulling out... Read More
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The Rhizosphere Kingdom

Strategies for Building Healthy Soils

Many people believe that creating and maintaining healthy soils involves regular applications of nitrogen-based fertilizer products. While it's true that plants require nitrogen in order to thrive, synthetic fertilizers are ultimately counterproductive because they do long term damage to soils. Remember, plant health begins at the roots, and even the... Read More
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Organic Berries

You'll love what Terreplenish® does for soil life... Increasing soil life, increases plant health, decreases disease, increases fruit sets and raises brix. #organic #berries # pesticides
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37 millions bees found dead

37 millions bees found dead in Ontario, Canada after planting large GMO corn field treated with neonicotinoid class of pesticides (GMOs are indirectly causing the colony collapse, since 94% of GMO corn are treated with neonicotinoids) Millions of bees dropped dead after GMO corn was planted few weeks ago in... Read More
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Create Living Soils With Nitrogen-Fixing Microbes

Nitrogen is one of the main chemical elements necessary for optimal vegetative growth in both greenhouse production environments and in outdoor growing situations. The addition of nitrogen to the growing medium results in faster growth and larger plants, meaning that growers can get their product to market more quickly. However,... Read More
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Soil is the Skin of the Planet

Increase Crop Yields By Building Soil

Commercial growers often make the mistake of believing that synthetic fertilizers are necessary in order to attain maximum crop yield. However, these types of fertilizers actually weaken soils by leaving them full of excess salts and chemical residue. Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides may provide some short term benefits, but... Read More
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Pot growers sued over pesticide use

A pair of marijuana users in Colorado — one of them a medical-card holder with a brain tumor — have sued the state's largest pot grower for allegedly using a potentially dangerous pesticide on the pot they later purchased. The lawsuit against LivWell Inc. by Brandan Flores and Brandie Larrabee... Read More
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