Application & Use

Terreplenish® is a living, biological product. It contains an active community of microbes that will help boost crop production, amend the soil, and protect living plants. Continued use of Terreplenish over time will result in a healthier and more balanced plant ecosystem for your commercial farm, orchard, or garden.

See the cumulative effect on the soil, including improvements to:

  • Tilth and texture
  • Porosity (which allows for better water infiltration)
  • And overall soil health

Generally, in all crops, Terreplenish application will:

  • Enhance nitrogen availability to the target crop
  • Improve fruit set and uniformity
  • Accelerate crop maturity

Grow Better with Terreplenish®

Proven nitrogen-fixing results from our blend of proprietary
free-living nitrogen-fixing microbes. 

100% all natural and OMRI listed for organic use on: 

General Application Facts & Methods

Keep the cap tight to prevent oxygen from entering. It is best to store it in a protected environment during cooler temperatures. Once you remove some product from the container, Terreplenish® will form a white biofilm on the surface.

Before shipment, Terreplenish® is filtered through a mesh screen; however, this biofilm may appear on equipment screens after sitting in storage for a time. Also, some settling of undissolved solids will occur during storage.

On the crop production side of the approach, you can use Terreplenish® to help supply needed plant nutrition or to stimulate the growth and reproduction of the target crop. Application rates, methods, and timing may vary within the same
crop. Another consideration in using Terreplenish® for crop protection is whether the intent is preventative or curative.

These points need not complicate decision-making when applying Terreplenish® as most crops will have multiple benefits from the application of Terreplenish® regardless of our intended outcome. The ideal rate, methods, and timing can enhance specific results.

Generally, in all crops, Terreplenish® application will enhance nitrogen availability to the target crop. The methods of providing enhanced plant nitrogen availability are atmospheric conversion, stabilization, and assimilation.

Generally, in all crops, Terreplenish® application will improve fruit set and uniformity, and accelerate maturity depending on crop type and variety. Accelerating maturity can have negative marketing consequences in crops like flowers and small fruit as the harvest may be ahead of the market window.

Also, as a general rule, the longer Terreplenish® is used, the effects tend to be cumulative as the soil rhizosphere will change tilth, texture, and porosity, allowing for better water infiltration and overall soil health.

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