THE REGENERATIVE REVOLUTION: The Impact of Live Microbes On Our Food Supply

Over generations, our soil has been depleted of its natural nutrients and biological balance, making it susceptible to disease and pests, and requiring more and more chemical applications.  What’s called for isn’t just a sustainable solution, but a regenerative one. Organic farming may not be enough. Millions of acres of agricultural land needs to be restored to its natural healthy state. In a study co-authored by the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative and The Carbon Underground, regenerative agriculture was defined as “farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.” There are many societal aspects that require regenerative treatment, but none more than our food supply chain. Our national and global food supply depends on the natural biological regeneration of our soil: meaning, beneficial bacteria.
Terreplenish is the regenerative agricultural solution to the complex issues our food supply chain faces today. Terreplenish combines science with an ancient fermentation process to create living, native, soil-regenerating microbes. The result is a proprietary, pathogen-free microbe concentrate that naturally captures nitrogen from the atmosphere and brings it into the soil to nourish the roots of plants––a process called “soil fixation.”
The balance created from this nutrient-rich soil generates abundant yields, while protecting plants from crop-killing diseases. Plus, the reuse of food scraps to create Terreplenish diverts millions of tons of waste from landfills, confirming our product’s role as an environmentally regenerative solution.
Terreplenish creates a world where farmers can combat low yields and diseased plants, while preventing soil erosion, conserving water and reducing pollution. Protecting our planet is important for all of us. When you use Terreplenish, you are not only regenerating your soil, you are doing your part to help save the earth for this generation and the next.

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