5 Tips for a Greener, Safer Summer Lawn

Summer will always be the time to enjoy a beautiful green lawn. Unfortunately, the increasing summer heat is making it all the more difficult to keep a healthy, full lawn without resorting to fast-release chemical fertilizers. Follow the tips below for easy and perfect lawn care.
Leave lawn clippings after mowing. Leave lawn clippings where they are and they’ll break down to help feed your lawn – it’ll save you time, money, and fertilizer.
Mow higher. Keep your grass about a half inch higher than normal during the summer to provide more shade to your soil and insolation from too much sun.
Use moisture-retaining products to draw more water to grass roots. Terreplenish’s microbes increase the water-holding capacity of lawn grass, improving water retention to help lawns from drying out in the mid-summer heat.
Combat common lawn disease. Seeing brown patches even though you frequently water your lawn? It could be lawn disease due to particularly hot humid weather – watering deeply but infrequently will help prevent lawn disease but getting rid of it requires fertilizing with Terreplenish to outgrow the brown patches quickly.
Protect pets and children with chemical-free products. Residue from chemical fertilizer is toxic if accidentally ingested, so opt for organic products like Terreplenish – it’s completely chemical-free and contains only naturally-occurring ingredients. Stay worry-free this summer when your pets and children are playing outdoors on the lawn.
PRO TIP: Organic fertilizers are slow release, so they won’t burn from the extra sunlight in the summer like chemical fertilizers.

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