The Best Houseplants for Any Home – and How to Care for Them

The benefits of houseplants are never-ending. They’re known to purify the air, improve mood, boost productivity, decrease stress, reduce noise levels, add life to a home – things we all could use right now. Plants do make people happier, so here’s a list of the best houseplants with the easiest care routines.
Snake Plant
The snake plant is perfect for the beginner houseplanter – it can survive in almost any environment and can withstand even low light levels. You’ll find them easy to care for both indoors and outdoors and they have a long lifespan as a houseplant. They’ll also filter out a myriad of harmful toxins, like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, and trichloroethylene.
Snake plants should be watered every 2-8 weeks, but only when the soil is almost completely dry. They prefer a well-draining soil and thrive when fertilized occasionally and not too frequently
The pothos is another easy houseplant to grow and propagates incredibly well in water, so you get multiple houseplants for one! Similar to the snake plant, they also filter out harmful chemicals in the air.
These plants prefer indoor conditions with bright but not direct light, though they can survive lower light levels. They grow in well-draining soil and erratic watering – since they prefer thoroughly dry soil between waterings. You’ll know when they’ve gone too long without water when the leaves start to droop.
Spider Plant
Spider plants are the ultimate jungle plant – and they’re known to be easy to care for. In fact, they prefer to dry out a bit between waterings, so they’re perfect for the forgetful houseplanter.
Set spider plants up in indirect bright sunlight and watch them propagate spiderettes, which can then be nurtured into a fully-grown plant. Affordable and low-maintenance, spider plants just need the cooler temperatures of the indoors and they good to go!
Dracaena are known for its thick canes and long, strappy leaves. Compared to most houseplants, dracaena require even less water. You can keep them hydrated by just misting the leaves and the soil, coupled with a good draining soil.
Dracaena are sensitive to minerals in water, so it’s recommended to use filtered or distilled water. They don’t mind low light, but their leaves look the best in bright indirect sunlight.
Aloe Vera
Aloe vera leaves aren’t just a beautiful houseplant, but they also have healing properties. You can harvest them to make aloe vera gel and juice that heal burns, improve digestive health, and clears acne.
Aloe vera plants are also extremely low maintenance. They’re succulents, so they need a well-draining potting mix and they prefer indirect sunlight. Water about every 3 weeks and more infrequently during the winter.
For any of these houseplants, soil is crucial to prevent root rot and sickly plants – so to maintain healthy soil and happier houseplants, using a soil amendment like Terreplenish goes a long way. Terreplenish will also keep common houseplant pests from becoming a problem. Find your favorite houseplants and start beautifying your home today!

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