The Addition of Terreplenish® Provides 45-60 lbs. Nitrogen Credit

January 24, 2022 – Skokie, IL – For Immediate ReleaseSolutions in the Land, sustainable agriculture consultants, undertook a controlled corn trial to evaluate Terreplenish® by Feed Earth Now, LLC, a progressive biobased technology company that creates a proprietary blend of living soil microbes which increase crop nitrogen availability.
In the study evaluating the effectiveness of Terreplenish®, Solutions in the Land verified that the silt loam soil chosen for the Terreplenish® Corn Trial 2021 had an excellent fertility level. DeKalb 68-69 corn seed was planted across the plots using the following soil preparation methods (Terreplenish® abbreviated at TP):
  • Plot 1 – Conventional practice: Preplant 150lbs 40-60-60, 180 lbs. UAN 32 – 7 days ahead of planting
  • Plot 2 – Preplant 150 lbs. 40-60-60, 180 lbs. UAN 32 + 2 gallons TP – 7 days ahead of planting.
  • Plot 3 – Preplant 150lbs 40-60-60, 180 lbs. UAN 32 + 1 gallon TP – 7 days ahead of planting and 1 gallon TP – 29 days after planting.
  • Plot 4 – Preplant 150lbs 40-60-60, 140 lbs. UAN 32 +2 gallons TP – 7 days ahead of planting.
  • Plot 5 – Preplant 150lbs 40-60-60, 180 lbs. UAN 32 + 2 gallons TP – 7 days ahead of planting.
  • Plot 6 – Preplant 150lbs 40-45-60, 180 lbs. UAN 32 +2 gallons TP – 7 days ahead of planting.
In a conclusionary statement written by the Solutions in the Land consultants they noted, “Clearly the addition of Terreplenish® provides a 45-60 lbs. nitrogen credit. In this corn hybrid, plot 6 had 15 lbs. of reduced phosphorous indicating that the PSB’s (phosphorous solubilizing bacteria) in Terreplenish® effectively free more than 15 lbs. of P2O5.”
“This is our third season using Terreplenish®. After 6-months we tested the nitrogen left in the stalks and found that the UAN-32 treated corn had 200 parts per million left, and the Terreplenish® treated stalks increased from zero to 600 ppm”, noted
Roy Winings, Illinois Farmer.
Along with producing verifiable bio-available nitrogen levels, the addition of spring and fall applications of Terreplenish® will significantly reduce the high cost of nitrogen fertilizer and provide many other benefits like pathogen control, phosphorous availability, and better emergence scores.
Additional revenue can be generated by participating in the many phosphorous reduction programs and carbon sequestration projects.
Media Contacts: Terreplenish® – 1-877-905-7109

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