Nitrogen fixating bacteria

About Feed Earth Now, LLC

When I was a child I used to love to shop at road side farm stands with my mom, remembering how colorful and juicy everything looked and tasted. These days, not even the "certified organic" that cost more has that same depth of color and flavor from the lack of nutrients and minerals that should be availably for uptake.

Feed Earth Now, Llc. started while performing waste assessments for large waste generators such as hotels and hospitals. We discovered during a routine waste and recycling operational review for a downtown Chicago hotel that they were generating and sending more than ten tons of food scraps each and every from their food prep kitchen alone. 

That's what drove us to invent a truly sustainable process that could rapidly convert large volumes of food scraps into

a valuable resource for agriculture, Terreplenish®.

Since 2012 we've tested over 80 different varieties of fruits and vegetables in many soil types and climates, and have found that Terreplenish's cumulative effect in soil assures each harvest is bigger and juicier than the one before.

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Cathy Scratch, FEN Founder

About Terreplenish

Terreplenish is Mother Natures Nitrogen

Every growing plant requires a tremendous amount of Nitrogen, Feed Earth Now's proprietary blend of free living bacteria, Terreplenish® absorbs readily available atmospheric nitrogen, increasing the soils water holding capacity organically by more than 25%.

Terreplenish Speeds Maturity

Earlier to market. Terreplenish can speed maturity by 2 weeks. Plant enzymes include growth hormones only available from plant-based feed stocks. Our proprietary nitrogen cycle process accelerates plant maturity and fruit size, reducing transplant shock and increasing shelf life of your produce and floriculture.

Zero Toxins, Zero Pesticides, Zero Residue

The Terreplenish® process impacts the potency of secondary metabolites that are responsible for blocking soil and air borne pathogens and is safe for bees, butterflies, pets and people.