Soil regeneration is the skeleton key that will protect our planet against climate change.

It is going to take all of me not to quote the entirety of the new film “Kiss the Ground” in this blog, due to the incredible magnitude that this masterpiece of a documentary encapsulates and how closely the information contained in this film resonates to the beat of our own company mission’s “drum”. I will instead share how it has inspired us with a new wave of hope and the necessary fuel needed to brighten the fires of our burning passion for the regenerative movement here at Terreplenish. I will also urge you to watch this film as soon as you can.
Seriously, if you haven’t watched it yet, watch it now! 
But wait….. finish reading this blog piece first.
We have been admiring Kiss the Ground nonprofit from afar for months and were so excited upon the arrival of their film “Kiss the Ground”. Kiss the Ground mission is to “awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspires participation through media, communications, courses, immersive programming, and advocacy”. They do just this and more in this revolutionary new film, along with the many opportunities they offer through their non-profit.
In the film, there are many amazing and awe-inspiring individuals who come together to make this a well educated, informative, and enjoyable movie experience for the viewers. Big-name environmental activists including but not limited to Woody Harrelson, Ray Archuleta, John Wick, Kristin Ohlson, Mark Hyman M.D., Allan Savory, Jason Mraz, David Bronner, and Ian Somerholder all make an appearance in this movie, powerfully relaying the importance, urgency, and surprisingly simple actions that can be taken to save our planet and regenerate its vitality. 
Narrated by Woody Harrelson, and written by Johnny O’hara, Joshua Tickel, and Rebecca Harrell Tickel, Kiss the Ground takes us on a journey through different parts of the world where several people are working hard to restore agriculture lands, educate farmers on regenerative practices, address desertification and heal dusty landscapes by nurturing the soil through various approaches such as holistic livestock management,  composting, no-till farming, organic farming, etc,. They are working hard to change the face of industrial agriculture at large. 
The movie explores the evolution of industrial agriculture and the many practices that evolved over time that now hold responsibility for the destruction of our soil, and thus the destruction of our planet. It explores the functions and science of soil in a very palpable way, giving voice to the truth that we are not taught or have forgotten; soil is alive. That is, soil is alive until we treat it as if it is not. They address the animal agriculture issues we face today and show examples of livestock management that regenerates the land, instead of destroys it.
So, how is the destruction of our soil linked to climate change, you might ask? Who is destroying our soil and why? What is happening to the soil to cause its destruction? What can we do to prevent this? How do we reverse this issue?
These are all wonderful questions all of which are beautifully answered in this ground breaking film. If you want these questions answered, I highly encourage you to watch it and stay tuned into our blog series as we continue to share our knowledge of how to apply yourself to the regenerative movement.
The main message of this film speaks to the destruction of our soil and its direct link to climate change. Did I mention that soil health is the foundation of the Terreplenish mission? Yes, it is true, and we are so, so happy that this issue is getting the attention it needs. It is especially lovely to see so many big names behind the advocacy of soil health.
The time to act is not only possible, it is necessary. We here at Terreplenish strive to give life back to the soil and regenerate it’s health with our proprietary blend of live, beneficial microbes that rapidly restores agricultural soil to its natural, vibrant state, increasing yields, fighting plant disease and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. This stabilized, high-energy concentrate is the only nitrogen-fixing formula made from recycled food scraps. Learn more at

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