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Terreplenish® is a proprietary blend of soil regenerating microbes. It offers farmers a predictable, productive nitrogen source to sustainably feed crops and revitalize soil. If you are ready for more reliable crop nutrition, then it’s time to try Terreplenish ®. 

This product will rehabilitate your farm's natural ecosystem, allowing your crops to thrive. Regular use decreases your reliance on irrigation systems by boosting the water-holding capacity of your soil. It also fights disease-causing pathogens and stops spores from forming.

$135.20 - $202.80

Gardeners & Small Growers: Control disease and naturally bring your home or community garden or small farm to life with the Terreplenish® jugs, available in three convenience concentrate sizes. Terreplenish® can be applied by soil drench, surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. Also great for greenhouses, nurseries, and hydroponics.


Commercial Farmers: Terreplenish® Tote (275 gallons) supplies 135 acres at a suggested 2+ gallons per acre (depending on soil type and crop). Terreplenish® can be applied in furrow, surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation.

Terreplenish® reliably feeds crops, increases yield, stops common plant diseases, and revives the health of your soil. Regular use will reduce your reliance on irrigation and fungicides saving you money.

Looking for larger quantities?

2,500 acres = 5,000 Gallons = Full Truck Load
Call Terreplenish® Sales at 877-905-7109 for pricing.

Grow Better with Terreplenish®

Proven nitrogen-fixing results from our blend of proprietary
free-living nitrogen-fixing microbes. 

100% all natural and OMRI listed for organic use on: