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National Golf Day is a time to celebrate golf and its many benefits. However, one must also consider the impact that maintaining  golf course turf can have on the environment and those who live and work around them. One of the biggest issues with golf courses is their use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. These chemicals are often used to keep the grass and other vegetation looking perfect, but they can have serious negative consequences.

For one thing, these chemicals can be incredibly toxic to both the environment and the people who work on the golf course. Groundskeepers who are exposed to these chemicals regularly are at risk of developing serious health problems, including cancer and respiratory issues. Additionally, the chemicals can seep into the soil and groundwater, potentially contaminating nearby water sources. But it’s not just the people who work on the golf course who are at risk. Homeowners who live on or near a golf course may also be exposed to these toxic chemicals, either through direct contact or through the water supply.

In addition to the negative health impacts, the use of synthetic chemicals creates an unsustainable cycle. These chemicals can damage the soil and create a need for more water and more chemicals, leading to an endless cycle of chemical dependence. As more and more golf courses are built, the impact on the environment becomes even greater.

It’s time for golf courses to replace these poisonous practices sustainable turf management. Instead of relying on synthetic chemicals, they should be using all-natural, safe products like USDA Biobased products such as Terreplenish®. These products not only provide a safer alternative but also have additional benefits for turf management.

Microbes, found in products like Terreplenish®, play a crucial role in turf management. They help in fixing atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. These beneficial microbes promote healthy soil, enhance nutrient uptake by the turf, and improve overall plant health and can help prevent diseases like Dollar spot, which is caused by the fungus Clarireedia jacksonii (formerly Sclerotinia homoeocarpa). By improving the overall health and resilience of the turf, beneficial microbes can act as a natural defense mechanism against diseases, reducing the need for fungicides.

Another great benefit for incorporating Terreplenish® into sustainable turf management practices is re-entry time. Re-entry time refers to the waiting period required after applying synthetic chemicals before it is safe for individuals to walk on the turf. This waiting period can be inconvenient for golfers, as it disrupts their ability to immediately access the course.

zero re-entry time

Sustainable Turf Management

The elimination of re-entry time is particularly advantageous for golf courses that host tournaments or events where time is of the essence. Golfers can confidently step onto the turf without any concern for potential exposure to harmful chemicals, promoting a healthier and more enjoyable experience for all participants.

Furthermore, the absence of re-entry time aligns with the principles of sustainability and efficiency. Golf courses can operate smoothly without unnecessary delays or interruptions, maximizing the utilization of their facilities. This efficiency contributes to the overall economic viability of golf courses, making them more sustainable in the long run.

There are already lawsuits and articles calling for change in the golf industry. Golf courses should take heed of these calls and start making changes now, before the damage becomes irreversible. By using safe, sustainable products like Terreplenish®, they can help protect the environment, the people who work on the golf course, and the homeowners who live nearby and still maintain a beautiful, healthy golf course for players to enjoy.

In conclusion, please celebrate National Golf Day by advocating for sustainable practices that protect both the environment and the people who work and live near golf courses. It’s time to demand change in the golf industry and to embrace safer, healthier alternatives to toxic chemicals. By utilizing all-natural solutions and beneficial microbes, golf courses can enhance turf management, prevent diseases like Dollar spot, and contribute to a more sustainable and enjoyable golfing experience for all.

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