The Microbial Revolution: Science + Beauty

Many people believe that creating and maintaining healthy soils involves regular applications of nitrogen-based fertilizer products. While it’s true that plants require nitrogen in order to thrive, synthetic fertilizers are ultimately counterproductive because they do long term damage to soils. Remember, plant health begins at the roots, and even the best fertilizer for garden plants can’t compete with strong soils that have been crafted using organic farming techniques such as inoculating growing mediums with a soil conditioner containing beneficial bacteria.
One of the main underlying principles of organic farming is that the soil is a living organism in its own right rather than inert material that has to be manipulated with chemicals in order to become viable. Sustainable populations of beneficial microbes are essential for healthy soils because they fix airborne nitrogen into the root zones of the plants. They also increase the water retention capabilities of the soils. Perhaps most importantly, sustainable, healthy soils possess an increased ability to store carbon, thereby slowing down the process of global warming.
An entire kingdom of microbes exist below soil surfaces that have a symbiotic relationships with plants. This area even has a name – it’s called the Rhizosphere. The microorganisms and the plants exchange nutrients in ways that support one another’s existence, creating a self-propagating living environment that is far superior to the dead, sterile soils that occur as a result of certain modern farming practices that involve heavy applications of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that what is good for the soil is also good for the plants that it nurtures.
The best way to craft a sustainable growing environment is to use a soil amendment such as terreplenish™ that contains beneficial bacteria. Some soil conditioner products contain only one strain of bacteria, but terreplenish™ is formulated with diverse populations of microbial organisms that work to create the type of strong, vibrant soils that result in superior vegetative growth.
Whether you are new to commercial plant production or an industry veteran who is looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional fertilizer for plants, terreplenish™ is an excellent tool for you to have as part of your soil-building strategy. 

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