Terreplenish: A Liquid Microbial Soil Amendment with Many Benefits for Growers

Founded in 2012 by Cathy Scratch, Feed Earth Now is the parent company of Terreplenish, a liquid microbial soil amendment created from green waste.

“We’ve tested Terreplenish on over 100 different crop types and have found our unique free-living consortium of microbes rapidly restores soil organic matter and water-holding capacity,” said Scratch. “In addition, it controls pathogens, fixes nitrogen, and loosens up legacy phosphates for plant uptake, effectively eliminating runoff that leaches into waterways from petrol chemicals creating algae blooms and dead zones in the waterways.” Read More –



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Grow Better with Terreplenish®

Proven nitrogen-fixing results from our blend of proprietary
free-living nitrogen-fixing microbes. 

100% all natural and OMRI listed for organic use on: