Supplement Nitrogen Fertilizer with Terreplenish

Increase Nutrients and Flavor, Restore Dead Soil Now!

Terreplenish® produces 40lbs of nitrogen in most soil types. 


  • Unique soil and plant amendment
  • By-product of fermenting process  
  • Requires no change in normal farming process 
  • Accelerates compost time and break down of crop residue 
  • Speed to Market Advantage (harvest 2-3 weeks earlier) 
  • Eliminates fertilizer run-off 
  • Increases organic matter
  • Invigorates root growth
  • Increases soil microbe population
  • Decrease loss of crops due to fungal growth & transplant shock


Earth’s atmosphere is predominately nitrogen. Terreplenish® reduces the amount of supplemental nitrogen needed to meet your yield targets by capturing atmospheric nitrogen and converting it to nitrogen for available plant uptake, while accelerating the microbial activity necessary to assimilate nutrients and increasing overall plant health. 


Terreplenish Mother Natures Nitrogen

Mother Nature's Nitrogen

Every growing plant requires a tremendous amount of nitrogen. Feed Earth Now's proprietary blend of free living bacteria, Terreplenish®, promotes atmospheric nitrogen fixation and increases the soils water holding capacity organically by more than 25%. 

Two to four gallons of Terreplenish®  supplements the equivalent of 40 lbs. of nitrogen fertilizer.

Terreplenish nitrogen fixation

Earlier to market, longer shelf life

Plant enzymes include growth hormones that are only available from plant-based feed stocks. Our proprietary nitrogen cycle process accelerates plant maturity and fruit size, reduces transplant shock and increases shelf life of your produce and floriculture.

Terreplenish pesticide free

No Pesticides, Zero Residue

The Terreplenish® process impacts the potency of secondary metabolites that are responsible for blocking soil and air borne pathogens. Terreplenish® is nature friendly- safe for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, caterpillars, people and pets.

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