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Nitrogen Fixation with Terreplenish®

Earths atmosphere is 75% nitrogen. Terreplenish provides atmospheric nitrogen fixation for soil recovery & crop protection

Nitrogen fixing soil microbes

If you could increase yields with less water, eliminate petrol fertilizer and pesticide use, while diverting food waste from landfills... Would you? Do you think it’s possible?

As Above, So Below

Terreplenish® is a stabilized solution of beneficial microbes and nitrogen fixing bacteria that absorb readily available atmospheric nitrogen, unbinding P & K in soil for immediate plant uptake while increasing the microbial community in soil.

Terreplenish® reduces the amount of supplemental nitrogen required to meet your yield targets by capturing atmospheric water vapor and converting it to nitrogen for available plant uptake while accelerating the microbial activity necessary to assimilate nutrients that increases overall plant health and crop protection.  Our proprietary consortium of microbes has been proven year after year... read our reviews!

Leverage the nitrogen cycle and go beyond chemicals

Improving soil organic matter and microbe population

Speed to market advantage- harvest 2-3 weeks earlier

Decrease loss of plants due to fungal growth and transplant shock