Supplement Nitrogen Fertilizer with Terreplenish

Our business converts food waste into Terreplenish®,  a product that balances the soils micro-biotic eco system. 

Supplement 50% of your nitrogen needs with just 2-4 gallons per acre

Earth’s atmosphere is predominately nitrogen. Nitrogen easily moves into both air and water; Terreplenish® reduces the amount of supplemental nitrogen needed to meet your yield targets by capturing atmospheric nitrogen and converting it to nitrogen for available plant uptake while accelerating the microbial activity necessary to assimilate nutrients and increasing overall plant health. 

With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, by using Terreplenish® water leaching of nitrogen is virtually eliminated,  providing both monetary and environmental benefits.

Our Products | Money Back guarantee !!

New products are coming soon!

Disease control without pesticides

Knock out powdery mildew and other soil and airborne pathogens without pesticides.


Nick Greens, Master Hydroponics Grower

I never enter a grow room without Terreplenish, Nitrogen fertilizer supplement. 

Jesse & Jayson Spallina, Chico, CA

After applying Terreplenish to our organic garden we were able to see substantial game changing improvement in our plants. Within days of our application our plants pushed through their problems and began to grow like a happy healthy plant should. Furthermore, harvest weight and quality were remarkably superior to our last season’s crops. By applying a 10:1 foliar application we were able to knock out powdery mildew that would have otherwise ruined our crop. Needless to say the value that TP brings to the table will make it a part of our organic regiment from here on out.

Katy Warren, Gold Green Ranch, Durham, CA

We have harvested this first field of African Cucumbers that we treated with Terreplenish.  The product weighs more, is somewhat larger and tastes better.  I am happy with this!   We’ve made plans to foliar feed more fields next year.



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