• Terreplenish

  • Leverage the nitrogen cycle to go beyond chemicals

    Terreplenish is Mother Natures Nitrogen

    Every growing plant requires a tremendous amount of Nitrogen, Feed Earth Now's proprietary blend of free living bacteria, Terreplenish® absorbs readily available atmospheric nitrogen, increasing the soils water holding capacity organically by more than 25%.

    Terreplenish Speeds Maturity

    Earlier to market. Terreplenish can speed maturity by 2 weeks. Plant enzymes include growth hormones only available from plant-based feed stocks. Our proprietary nitrogen cycle process accelerates plant maturity and fruit size, reducing transplant shock and increasing shelf life of your produce and floriculture.

    Zero Toxins, Zero Pesticides, Zero Residue

    The Terreplenish® process impacts the potency of secondary metabolites that are responsible for blocking soil and air borne pathogens and is safe for bees, butterflies, pets & people. nitrogen pesticides nitrogen cycle

    About Feed Earth Now, LLC


    When I was a child I use to love shopping at the local roadside farms-stands with my grandparents, remembering all the rich colors and juicy flavors. These days, not even more expensive "certified organic" produce has that same depth of color or flavor. Color intensity indicates the level of minerals and nutrients available from a crops proper nitrogen uptake from their roots. In other words, when a plants color is weak, so are the nutrients for our intake.

    Cathy Scratch, FEN Founder

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