Terreplenish® Soil Regenerating Microbes Tote (275 Gallons)


Commercial Farmers: Terreplenish® Tote

– A consortium of indigenous microbes that enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. One Tote can supply 135 acres.  Our unique microbial proprietary blend of valuable of nitrogen fixing and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria offers tailored applications for various soil types and crops, including furrow, surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, and foliar application. Terreplenish® reliably nourishes crops, boosts yield, combats plant diseases by outcompeting pathogens for their food source, and improves soil water-holding capacity. By reducing reliance on irrigation and fungicides, this innovative product saves you money while promoting a sustainable farming future.



Commercial Farmers: Terreplenish® Tote supplies 135 acres at a suggested 2+ gallons per acre (depending on soil type and crop). Terreplenish® can be applied in furrow, surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation or drip irrigation.

Terreplenish® reliably feeds crops, increases yield, stops common plant diseases, and revives the health of your soil. Regular use will reduce your reliance on irrigation and fungicides saving you money.

  • 2 gallons per acre – Tote supplies 135 acres. 
  • Effectively supplies 45-60 lbs. nitrogen credit and frees up more than 15 pounds of P2O5 per acre.
  • Tote includes an easy-lift spigot for diluting. 

​Pre-plant application: 7-10 days pre-plant- apply in-furrow at minimum dilution of 1:25,

Post-plant application: 1 part Terreplenish® with 25 to 50 gallons of water via irrigation/ fertigation, boom sprayer, foliar spray with 500 micron sprayer.

Once diluted use immediately.

Undiluted in sealed container is good for 18 months or once pH rises above 5.4.

Apply in low sun.

OMRI listed for organic crop production.

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Additional information

Weight 2660.46 lbs

Due to the freshness of Terreplenish®, it is normal for continued microbial activity in higher temperatures or at higher elevations. This may present itself in a slightly bulging appearance of the container. If this occurs, simply open the cap slowly and release as much air as possible; then reseal immediately.