Our Vision:
To repurpose food waste into a highly beneficial substance that can safely nourish our soil “the skin of our planet”.

It all started while I working as a Recycling Consultant performing waste audits for large waste generators such as hotels, hospitals and schools. After a routine assessment of a downtown Chicago hotel’s waste stream, I discovered that they were generating more than seven tons of food waste each week in just their food preparation kitchens alone!

This is the equivalent of sending seven elephants in volume to a landfill every week just to rot and create green house gases!! That’s when I began researching sustainable options for food scrap recycling.

Over the years I consulted with many experts and developed a unique process that rapidly converts food scraps into a nutrient rich, all natural and chemical free “Microbial Cocktail” called Terreplenish®.

We’ve tested over 80 different varieties of fruits and vegetables in many soil types for more than 5 years and have found that Terreplenish® actually has a cumulative effect on soil: Each harvest is bigger and more flavorful (at least that’s what the metrics and farmers say).

Many thanks,


Cathy Scratch, FEN Founder

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