We've used Terreplenish as a foliar spray on blueberries as well as many of my vegetable crops and immediately saw that a well-timed spray raised the brix of our plant sap by 2 degrees within 24 hours of application.  This effect not only means increased sugar production but higher mineral levels in the leaf, which in turn makes the plants less susceptible to pest pressure.  Case in point, raising the brix from 10-12 in leafy greens made them undesirable to flea beetles...although they were present in the field, the flea beetles didn't touch the Terreplenish treated leaves.
Jason Berry
Blueberry Farms of Georgia/Sunnyridge Farm
The difference was incredible in the look of the cut flowers for our CSA. The Bells of Ireland were thicker on each stem with more stems per plant than the ones we did not apply Terreplenish to. We were able to put the Bells in arrangements for 5 weeks rather than the 2-week life we got from the Bells without Terreplenish. The Snap Dragons were thicker on the two beds with Terreplenish than the other 3 that we drip irrigated without it.
Cheri Doetch
We applied a foliar treatment to our broccoli crop once a week for 6 weeks at the 50-1 dilution using 8 gallons of Terreplenish per acre equivalent.  We have harvested the initial heads, and the treated area heads averaged 3.1 lbs., while the untreated area heads averaged 0.53 lb. … Visually, there is a remarkable difference in the plant size and conformation.  Good uniformity in both plots… a pleasant surprise.  The treated area is equivalent to 4.65 tons per acre, definitely on the high side for organic production on a dry year, or any year.
Ron Doetch
I started our flower seedlings this winter and split the flats between our two locations, growing the same flowers.  Right away, we saw a huge difference in our Bells of Ireland.  Terreplenish treated flowers were treated were taller, thicker, with a fuller distribution of flowers along the stem.  There were also more stems per plant than on my untreated flowers.  I was very impressed and started foliar feeding here at the Collie Flower Farm.  Due to the extreme heat and drought conditions we are experiencing here in the Midwest, I decided to treat all my flowers with your product rather than leave some plants untreated as a trial. I felt that Terreplenish would give my flowers all the help they need to grow during this challenging summer.
Liz Cardella
We have harvested this first field of African Cucumbers.  The product weighs more, is somewhat larger and tastes better.  I am happy with this!   We are making plans to foliar feed more fields next year.
Katy Warren
Gold Green Ranch, Durham, CA

After applying Terreplenish to our organic garden we were able to see substantial game changing improvement in our plants. Within days of our application our plants pushed through their problems and began to grow like a happy healthy plant should. Furthermore, harvest weight and quality were remarkably superior to our last season’s crops. By applying a 10:1 foliar application we were able to knock out powdery mildew that would have otherwise ruined our crop. Needless to say the value that Terreplenish brings to the table will make it a part of our organic regiment from here on out.


Jesse & Jayson Spallina
Master Grower & Terreplenish Distributor / TerreCal, LLC
I never enter a Grow room without it.
Nick Greens
Master Grower ~ Hydroponics / NickGreens
I have been using Terreplenish on my blueberries and cranberries for 3 years with very noticeable results. Now that I have sold most of my blueberry farms, I plan to distribute Terreplenish throughout the state of Michigan.
Wayne Kiel
Farmer, Organic Crop Advisor / Heritage Blueberry Farms
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