Terreplenish on corn/soybean production

We have been using Terreplenish on our conventional farms with great results for going on 3 years. Our results has been much healthier plants, and an increase in yield. Terreplenish will do everything a cover crop will do, and more without the cost of added equipment and time. We spray it on, and till it in the fall, it's that easy. 1 gallon per acre in the fall, and the leftover trash in the field will be significantly less come spring. Terreplenish is going to eliminate the need for tons of extra application in the fall saving us money over time. Great product, can't wait to see what it does after using it for another 20+ years! If you need anything, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me., or Roy Winings (217) 433-5106

Heirloom tomatoes

I have been using Terreplenish four years, and every year is better than the last. My tomatoes are larger and grow later into the year. One year I was still picking red tomatoes until November and I live in Chicago. Mark Iverson, Chicago

Watch it work!

Amazing! It's the only thing that worked on powdery mildew. My roses cleared up in hours. So beneficial to my poor soul here in Texas. All plants live Terreplenish. I use it to bring back the $1 plants on clearance at Lowe's. A few days later and they look like the $15 plants. Joe Falco, Austin, Tx.


I had an old grapevine that would flower and start to get fruit but always succumbed to powdery mildew before I could harvest fruit. I started using Terreplenish sprayed on the leaves once a week and the results were amazing. By the end of the summer I had nice fruit to harvest and no signs of disease on the leaves. I started using it in my organic vegetable garden as well and have been very pleased with the results. Robin Roy, Chicago,

Everything I grow is thrives with Terreplenish!

Never felt like I had much of a green thumb until I started using Terreplenish. Now everything is stronger, greener, bigger and more fruitful than ever. Fate Fowler, Tx.

Super sweet grapes

I've been using Terreplenish for more than 3 years on my grapes, I noticed a difference almost right away on the size of the fruit sets, even more significant is I haven't had powdery mildew or flea beetles since. Martha, Chicago.

Great for vegetables

We have used this product at Beaver Creek Gardens for 5 years. It is terrific for plant health. We have seen earlier, larger sized and more blossoms when using Terreplenish. 

Cheri Doetch, Beaverton Gardens.

Hydroponics grower

I never enter a grow room without Terreplenish, Nitrogen fertilizer supplement, reduces mold and mildew, bacteria build up in lines and keeps the growing media clean longer. 

Nick Greens, Master Hydroponics Grower, Chicago.

Stronger stems, longer shelf life

Right away, we saw a huge difference in our Bells of Ireland. Terreplenish treated flowers were treated were taller, thicker, with a fuller distribution of flowers along the stem. There were also more stems per plant than on my untreated flowers.  

I was very impressed and started foliar feeding.

Collie Flower Farm. Liz Cardella.

Powdery Mildew gone!

After applying Terreplenish to our organic garden we were able to see substantial game changing improvement in our plants. Within days of our application our plants pushed through their problems and began to grow like a happy healthy plant should. Furthermore, harvest weight and quality were remarkably superior to our last season’s crops. By applying a 10:1 foliar application we were able to knock out powdery mildew that would have otherwise ruined our crop. Needless to say the value that TP brings to the table will make it a part of our organic regiment from here on out.

Jesse & Jayson Spallina, Chico, Ca.

Increased plant size

We applied a foliar treatment to our broccoli crop once a week for 6 weeks at the 50-1 dilution using 8 gallons of Terreplenish per acre equivalent. We have harvested the initial heads, and the treated area heads averaged 3.1 lbs., while the untreated area heads averaged 0.53 lb. … Visually, there is a remarkable difference in the plant size and conformation.  Good uniformity in both plots… a pleasant surprise.  The treated area is equivalent to 4.65 tons per acre, definitely on the high side for organic production on a dry year, or any year.

Ron Doetch, Solutions in the Land, Poplar Grove, Il. 

Cucumbers taste sweeter

We have harvested this first field of African Cucumbers that we treated with Terreplenish. The product weighs more, is somewhat larger and tastes better.  I am happy with this!  We’ve made plans to foliar feed more fields next year.

Katy Warren, Gold Green Ranch, Durham, CA