Water Recycling System

Terreplenish activates sludge from waste water with microbial activity, efficiently converting it into a pathogen free compound for agriculture increasing the soils water holding capacity.


34” of rain falls annually, thats 19 gallons per square foot.  

Nearly 1 million gallons per acre per year.  An additional 1% organic matter per acre will hold an additional 16, 000 gallons of water per acre.  Midwestern soils have been depleted from 4-6% Soil Oxygen Content to 2.0%.  By increasing the water absorption of all of the cropland in the Mississippi River Basin by just   2” (through improved soil quality), that water retention would be the equivalent of…



Environmental pollution from hazardous waste materials,

  • Organic pollutants and heavy metals, has adversely affected the natural ecosystem to the detriment of man.  Toxic metals can accumulate in agricultural soils and get into the food chain, thereby becoming a major threat to food security.

  • Bio-remediation is an eco-friendly and efficient method of reclaiming soils contaminated with heavy metals by making use of the inherent biological mechanisms of microorganisms and plants to eradicate hazardous contaminants. 

Terreplenish supports watershed health

  • Increase infiltration and water holding capacity, decrease runoff and reducing flooding. 

  • Reduces the need and use of herbicides, synthetic petrol fertilizers, and fuel.

  • Improvement of wildlife habitat both below and above the soil surface, and improvement of riparian and estuarian food production.

watershed management with terreplenish nitrogen fixing bacteria

watershed management with terreplenish nitrogen fixing bacteria

Feed Earth Now Goals

fertilizer pollution dead zone

Integrate Soil Health Management

Integrate Soil Health Management System planning and implementation into  conservation programs and service delivery.

Increase awareness and understanding

Increase awareness and understanding of healthy soil ecosystems and biology, and healthy soil’s role in natural resource protection and sustainable agricultural production.

Green Infrastructure

Increase the number of cities across the USA in implementing Soil Health Management Systems.