Earth’s atmosphere is predominately nitrogen. Nitrogen easily moves into both air and water; Terreplenish® reduces the amount of supplemental nitrogen needed to meet your yield targets by capturing atmospheric nitrogen and converting it to nitrogen for available plant uptake while accelerating the microbial activity necessary to assimilate nutrients and increasing overall plant health. By using Terreplenish® water leaching of nitrogen is virtually eliminated,  providing both monetary and environmental benefits!

  • Increases plant health & resistance
  • Zero hour re-entry & Zero day harvest interval
  • Speeds maturity in a beneficial way
  • Improves water penetration
  • Increases soil microbe population
  • Accelerates nutrient uptake
  • Activates compost

Terreplenish® is a living bacteria product and may require pre-watering in extremely dry soil conditions or in soils not capable of supporting microbial life.  Compost may be used as a carrier to provide a bacterial food source in severely depleted soils.
This product has a pH range of 3.4 to 4.0 and direct contact with skin should be avoided
Do not pH balance. When diluted, Terreplenish® becomes the same pH as the water pH.
APPLICATION TO CROP (Please Read and click on ask the Plant Dr. with any specific questions):
Recommended application rates for non-crop specific uses are from 5 to 40 gallons per acre annually, delivered in 2 or more applications using a minimum of 1 gallon per acre per application.  Dilution recommendations are from 25:1 up to 50:1 parts water to one part Terreplenish®.  Lower concentrations (10:1) should be used with caution.
Concentrated applications lower than 10:1 can cause plant injury that resembles fertilizer burn in young plant leaves and should be used for curative situations only.
Application methods need to deliver the diluted Terreplenish® into a moist root zone to maximize efficiency.  Do not tank mix fertilizer or agro chemicals.  Terreplenish® can be foliar or soil applied.  Avoid foliar feeding in bright sun or lights.

Application methods include:

  • Via overhead irrigation in enough water to take microbes into root zone
  • For Foliar application; via any fertigation system including micro-sprinklers (max. 500 microns), atomizer, fogger
  • For soil applied; Drip irrigation, trickle tape or similar
  • By boomspray onto moist soil.  Use very coarse or streaming nozzles and as much water as practical
 Apply the tank mixed Terreplenish® within 24 hours and stir to re suspend the microbes in the tank is necessary.
Terreplenish® cannot be tank mixed with chemical herbicides, fungicides or insecticides. Both oil and soap based adjuvants, stickers and other mixing agents should be avoided. Other biological sources of nutrients and microbes can be tank mixed, however results may vary depending on modes of action. Band application may effectually double or triple actual rate per acre.
Color and odor can vary and are not an indication of product quality. Reseal the container after opening as exposure to oxygen activates the blend of bacteria.  Our proprietary liquid medium provides a living environment for free-living bacteria that extends shelf life, normal shelf live is 18 months.  Keep out of sunlight and extreme heat and conditions.
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