The Importance of Probiotics in Producing Superior Plants

Creating healthy soils that produce superior vegetative growth involves much more than simply using synthetic fertilizers as a matter of routine. In fact, these products can eventually wear the soil down to the extent that it’s no longer viable. Anyone who grows anything from agricultural crops to house plants will serve themselves well by gaining some basic knowledge concerning the benefits of probiotics and the strong effect that they have on soil health.

When soil is considered to be a living entity in its own right rather than simply an inert medium that provides a way for plants roots to derive water and nutrients, the basic principles of soil-building for optimal plant health become much more clear. We know, for instance, that healthy human beings are much better able to fend off diseases and to withstand injuries than their more sickly counterparts. Plant that are grown in vibrant, strong soils enjoy similar benefits. Also, keep in mind that in the same way that synthetic horticultural products designed to control plant pathogens also kill beneficial bacteria in much the same way that doses of antibiotics kill the beneficial bacterial organisms human body. Just like humans need to replenish these microbes for the sake of their health, soils need these organisms as well to remain vibrant and alive.

Humans who fail to restore the “good” bacteria after a period of taking antibiotics through the ingestion of materials containing probiotics such as yogurt, probiotic supplements, and fermented food products generally experience unhealthy levels of a fungal yeast known as candida. Candida is the main cause of the majority of fungal infections experienced by humans. Plants also become very vulnerable to the overdevelopment of fungal diseases in the absence of beneficial bacterial organisms in the soil. Powdery mildew, for instance, is commonly found among plants that are growing in soils that have been depleted of life-giving microbes as the result of the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Remember that plant health begins at the very tips of the roots, so creating and maintaining living soils is the first step in producing superior vegetation. Think of products such as terreplenish™ as the yogurt of the horticulture world when it comes to replenishing optimal levels of life-giving probiotics.

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