Create Living Soils With Nitrogen-Fixing Microbes

Nitrogen is one of the main chemical elements necessary for optimal vegetative growth in both greenhouse production environments and in outdoor growing situations. The addition of nitrogen to the growing medium results in faster growth and larger plants, meaning that growers can get their product to market more quickly. However, simply adding a synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is not an ideal solution. These products can eventually destroy the soils by eroding carbons, leaching other nutrients, and causing compaction that results in overly dense soils that can hold very little water. They create a vicious cycle where the soil is only marginally viable when chemical fertilizers have been used, eventually ruining the long-term productivity of the soil and leaving it vulnerable to harmful microorganisms.

Organic plant food that works to fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil is a far better soil building strategy than simply applying synthetic fertilizers. Soil inoculants containing microbes fix airborne nitrogen into plant root zone areas, thus increasing soil health by creating self-sustaining colonies of beneficial bacteria. Water holding capacity in soils that have been inoculated with these organic plant fertilizer products have also been found to increase by as much as 25 percent.

Modern research shows that building healthy, fertile soils that contain abundant organic matter can create a growing environment that can successfully retain and store nitrogen. On the other hand, annual applications of synthetic fertilizers create conditions where nutrients are easily leached from the soil, and these soils eventually become useless.

Commercial farmland, greenhouse production environments, and home yard and garden areas can all benefit from the use of nitrogen fixation techniques such as planting cover crops during the fallow season and by using soil inoculants containing beneficial microbes rather than synthetic fertilizer products. Strong soils create strong plants with well-developed root systems, making it easier for them to fend off pathogens and fungal diseases. Preventing vegetative diseases by creating durable plants using organic growing techniques is much preferable to waiting until plants begin to show symptoms of damaging conditions to treat them. Thriving colonies of beneficial microbes is one of the essential building blocks in the creation of vibrant, life-giving soil.

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