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The Importance of Probiotics in Producing Superior Plants

Creating healthy soils that produce superior vegetative growth involves much more than simply using synthetic fertilizers as a matter of routine. In fact, these products can eventually wear the soil down to the extent that it’s no longer viable. Anyone

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Create Living Soils With Nitrogen-Fixing Microbes

Nitrogen is one of the main chemical elements necessary for optimal vegetative growth in both greenhouse production environments and in outdoor growing situations. The addition of nitrogen to the growing medium results in faster growth and larger plants, meaning that

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Should Water be Agriculture’s Biggest Crop?

Farming for the Future By Ronald G Doetch, Solutions in the Land The hydrological cycle is one of the most important but poorly understood Earth System processes. It involves the journey of water from the Earth’s surface to the atmosphere,

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Demystifying the Nitrogen Cycle

nitrogen fixation

Most growers – from backyard vegetable gardeners to large-scale producers – understand that nitrogen is essential for plant health. Many people, however, don’t understand the nitrogen cycle, how it works, or why it is so important. Instead of letting natural

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The Basics of Foliar Feeding

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Why Healthy Soil Bacteria Is Crucial For Salad Greens and Lettuce

Salad Leaves

Find out how soil diversity provides more nitrogen than constant fertilization.Sources:

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Chemicals vs. Probiotics in Cut Flower Production

Even though many significant advances have been made in modern horticultural techniques that allow for more sustainable production methods, pesticide, herbicide, and synthetic fertilizer use in the cut flower industry remains high. Most recipients of cut flowers don’t realize that

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How Tilling Disturbs Soil Microbes



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Building the Right Soil for Flowering Plant Production

Homeowners are frequently disappointed when the beautiful flowering plants that they’ve purchased at retail nursery deliver lackluster performance when transplanted in garden soil or in containers. One of the reasons why this happens is that synthetic fertilizer plant products are

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After the Harvest — Preparing Soils for Winter

A garden is a living work in progress that is constantly evolving. Building strong soils involves a variety of cultivation and maintenance techniques designed to provide a healthy, sustainable growing environment, and that includes getting garden soils ready for periods

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